Why Bomb?


What’s Happening?

Timeline June 24, 1948 Berlin Blockade begins (ends May 12, 1949) Berlin Blockade was the decision to split Berlin into east and west regions. On the west was the US aid and more… Continue reading

The Battle of Khe Sanh

The Battle of Khe Sanh was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the Cold War. Elements of the U.S. III Marine Amphibious Force and the South Vietnamese Army of the Republic of Vietnam fought with an… Continue reading

Buy American Steel!

Notice: To All Companies/Families Purchase American made steel: Better quality steel Lasts longer, under ware Support our boys back home, instead of the Red Dogs! Make planes, kitchens, and car with the best… Continue reading


More Independence Around the 1950’s, a generation gap began to appear between adults and teenagers. The teenagers changed the music they listen too, changed what they wore, and began making their own independent… Continue reading

Interview with Character

The Secrets behind Abigail Williams By Malia Viloria   As time progressed after the Salem Witch Trials, Abigail Williams was found and sentenced to life imprisonment. It has taken five years to find… Continue reading

The Changing Wardrobe

The 1950s was a changing year; teenagers were becoming very rebellious against their parents and authority.  Clothing styles were changing, teenage boys began to grow their hair out, and a new type of… Continue reading

The Black Panthers

The Black Panthers were a radical leftist organization that fought for civil rights in the 1960s, and their downfall was partly related to Federal intervention. The Party is well known to this day,… Continue reading

Guns vs. Nukes: The Inside Story With Mikhail Kalashnikov

In 1991, I interviewed Mikhail Kalashnikov on the topic of Soviet weapons and tactics. Mikhail is the creator of the infamous AK47 assualt rifle, and until his death was instrumental in Sovient small… Continue reading

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