More Independence

Around the 1950’s, a generation gap began to appear between adults and teenagers. The teenagers changed the music they listen too, changed what they wore, and began making their own independent generation. Many of the adults disagreed with the new choices of the teenagers, but there is nothing wrong with what the younger generation decided to do with their life.

After World War II, the economy was high and the younger generation began to make up the population of soldiers, therefore, the teenagers felt less dependent upon their parents, and why shouldn’t they? Nineteen-year-old boys fighting in the Vietnam War should be able to make the decisions they want. Teenagers like to fit in with the crowd; so once the soldiers started acting independent, everyone else followed. Soon following with the new music created by the one and only Elvis Presley.

The new clothing choice and music choice came from the influence of Elvis. Teenagers wanted to be him, and with the high economy, they had the money to keep up with the newest trends. With the new creation of teenage life, teenagers became more carefree and to enjoy the young life before they take on the responsibility of an adult. Expecting a child to go from a child straight into adult life is ridiculous, children needs time to socialize and not worry about the future ahead of them. Having more spending money, concerts, and partying gave the teenagers the rebellious freedom that was long over due.

Parents may not approve of the new generation, but why can’t people enjoy a few years of life before they are thrown into the work life and live on their own? The new freedom and independence teenagers created for them came out of taking advantage of the high economy. Many of the teenagers earned their money and many of them fought in war. The rebellious years created a new life for teenagers to enjoy. Socializing and newest trends were the focus of their minds, not the future. They didn’t throw themselves into adult life too fast, and they enjoyed their years of being young, so what’s so bad about that?


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