Interview with Character

The Secrets behind Abigail Williams

By Malia Viloria


As time progressed after the Salem Witch Trials, Abigail Williams was found and sentenced to life imprisonment. It has taken five years to find her, and during those five years she has confessed tragedies that go beyond our grasp. Luckily I had the chance to get a deeper view on what was going on through her mind. We met with security all around us. She was handcuffed because they were afraid she would attempt to hurt me. There we sat, glaring at each other. Then she grinned, but not pleasantly. The first question I asked her was, “What events caused you to begin witchcraft?” She giggled and responded, “I wouldn’t exactly call it witchcraft. I call it more of girls having fun. It began so I could claim what was rightfully mine, but it went a bit further then I expected. Then it became a game.” She started to shuffle her feet. Abigail seemed a little tense, but not afraid. As the interview went on I asked her, “What was the reason for stealing her uncle’s money.” She said, “I didn’t steal my Uncle’s money. I control everything, and it should all belong to me because like I said, everything is rightfully mine. I needed the money to get away from the town after those disgusting creatures decided to question me.”  After that question she began to become angry.  “I remember running away, I felt a bit of sadness leaving John Proctor” she recalls. “Before running away, I tried to save him, but he denied me because he must have been possessed by that heinous woman Mrs. Proctor.” I noticed she gripped the chair tightly when I asked, “Was it true that you cursed Elizabeth Proctor because of your infatuation with her husband John?” “Yes! She stole my precious. He never belonged to her he was mine. It was not an infatuation. I loved him, and that disgusting woman possessed him taking him away from me,” she responded in a defensive tone.


Before John Proctor was accused, innocent people from around the town were being accused of innocent crimes. She smiled and said, “Seeing those people being accused was the best feeling I could ever imagine. Accusing people was my favorite game. People fear for me, and I gained control of their lives.” As she talked more about it her eyes began to widen, and she became more excited to talk about what she calls, “My accomplishments.” Until I asked her one more question, “Did you revert to prostitution because of your lonely life without John Proctor?” She jumped and shouted, “I was not lonely! John Proctor still loved me. I know it. I became a prostitute to gain more money for material goods to use for potions.” She sat back down with a smile. “When I started my new life I was thrilled because I could gain more power than ever before. I could control everyone in my life, and I will continue until I get my way.” She began to yell out words I never heard before and I assumed it was witchcraft. She was then carried away by security. We will never know the exact details of the Salem witch trials, and what really possessed Abigail Williams.