The Changing Wardrobe

The 1950s was a changing year; teenagers were becoming very rebellious against their parents and authority.  Clothing styles were changing, teenage boys began to grow their hair out, and a new type of music became popular.  This was considered an act of refusal against the middle class, which was as big as ever at this point of time.  Elvis became a role model to many teenagers.  The rugged style was a new appeal that was adored.  Schools began to enforce a dress code because women began wearing jeans to school.  Schools insisted that women only were dresses or skirts to school.  Teenage boys wore t-shirts and jackets that resembled the style of Elvis, they were forced to conform to a dress code also.  Parents were scared of this movement of rebelling teenagers and tried so hard to stop it.

The children had more freedom then before, this was a true form of a generation gap.  These teenagers were given room to rebel because parents had money to splurge and by bigger houses which gave each teenager a room to distance himself or herself in.  They were able to listen to their music on the newest radios or record players.

Adult women began to show off their figure more.  Although they were still a little conservative, they were willing to wear tighter clothes and more revealing tops and shorts. Men continued to wear the leather jackets that resembled Elvis but some turned to the preppy look.  They wore cardigan sweaters and pink button down shirts.  The brand of converse shoes also became very popular. Many of these styles were first introduced my popular stars including, “Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Sandra Dee, George Reeves, Pat Boone and Bridgette Bardot.”

These teens were very involved with the war, they wanted to live a free life full of new adventures and beginnings.  Although some teenagers went to work, some went to war.  The average age of soldiers was decreasing.  During the Vietnam War, the average age was nineteen!  This typical age during World War II was twenty-six.  Teenage boys were ready to fight for their country, we solute you.